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Intermittent Patch Automatic Boxing Machine

JX-50GTIntermittent Patch Automatic Boxing Machine is special intelligent boxingequipment for patch. It is suitable for automatic counting, boxing, and sealingpackaging of plaster patch, operation patch and so on.
The machine canfinish automatically all actions of manual-transporting, paper box opening,patch & manual boxing, gluing and sealing. It can be used separately orlinked with the other machine together. Use HMI to control, and can be operatedmanually or automatically.
Performance& Feature:
1.Controlledautomatically by PLC, and speed is adjusted by frequency control system. Manyof electrical appliances are made by international famous brand. For example:Japan OMRON PLC, SMC pneumatic element, Germany BECKER vacuum pump andSwitzerland Robatech hot melt applicator.
2.Canbe operated manually or automatically. Two ways can be shifted freely. And themachine can stop automatically if overload happen.
3.Candetect stuff-missing automatically. It will not spray the glue when the tray isnot in position.
4.Themalfunction, running speed and finished product count can be shownautomatically.
5.Themechanism pushing system is stable and has function of positioning stop.

Power Supply:AC380V  60HZ   
Overall dimension:3500X1100X1600mm(L×W×H)
Max power: 4.5KW     
Speed:≤50盒/分(box per minter)    
Max box size:250×160×70mm(L×W×H)      
Min box size:120×40×20mm(L×W×H)
Available paper:≥350(G/SM)
environment temperature:25±10℃       

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